domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009


And if I don’t trust in love anymore,
Who’s gonna punish me?
Even if all stars in sky explode,
I wouldn’t notice,
‘Cause I would die and their light
Would shy until.
I can feel the freezing air miles away from here,
Like a message saying that this night’s gonna be cold
And there will be no one to hold me close
And keep me warm, keep me calm,
Sure that tomorrow is just another day,
Unpredictable, that has to come.
So, if I won’t trust in love anymore,
Who’s gonna put me down?
I could try to buy some for us, you know,
But your father would figger it out,
And you know how you brother hates me so,
But that’s no problem, ‘cause I hate him too.
Tell me what should I do with you?
I can’t stand your kindness,
You smile, you laugh, and I don’t know what’s behind
This confuse mind, this zoo in your head.
They say that we fit, ‘cause both of us are a mess.
I can’t stand on my knees, ‘cause they’re hurt,
I badly walk, and I don’t know why.
I used to dance, I used to fight,
Now I’m old inside.
And if love is too awesome
For some kind of people that don’t deserve it?
Then they start to create a world,
They start to pretend,
And then now they say ‘love’ for everything.
For some cure, some explanations, excuses, bullshit.
This kind of love, no, this I don’t miss.
And even if in a cruel planet,
Love would be possible to be planted?
Well, I don’t know…
I’m just little angry, I’m tired but I can’t sleep.
My face is ugly, by body is fat,
My actions are rude, my soul is not even close to perfect.
No, no, no, not someone like me.
And if I don’t trust in love anymore,
Who’s gonna save me?